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Logic Artists is an independent game development studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We develop games for PC and mobile devices. Logic Artists was founded in 2011 by a group of Game Design students who met while studying together at the IT University of Copenhagen. Logic Artists has come a long way since its humble beginnings. With a successful Kickstarter campaign under our belt, we have published a mobile game for Windows Phone 7 as well as three PC titles:

We continue to grow and are currently in production on an undisclosed RPG.


Ali Emek Jonas Herløv Wæver Juan Ortega



Ali is the Producer of Logic Artists' projects as well as the company's Managing Director. With a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and an MSc. in Game Design with a focus on Game Production, Ali is responsible for managing both the office staff and the company projects and handles the business end of things, like the day-to-day running of the company. Ali focuses the company's organizational strategy and AGILE development method as a Certified Scrum Master and still makes time to be available for nurturing new business opportunities and developments for Logic Artists future.



Jonas is Logic Artists Creative Director. Jonas is the guy around the office that makes the big game decisions like how our games work, what the story and characters will be all about, and what flavor of Sun Lolly is in the freezer. Large scope, small-team projects are Jonas' specialty having jump-started his career as Lead Designer of The Nameless Mod-- a fan mod for the original Deus Ex, which won the Editor's Choice Award in the 2009 category of Mod of the Year. Jonas holds an MSc. in Game Design and a BA with a Major in Film and Media Studies. Jonas specialises in game design, level design, and writing.



Juan has studied Computer Science throughout his education, with a Bachelor's in IT Engineering and an MSc. in Games with a focus on Technology, he embodies Logic Artists' technical zeal as Programming Lead on projects and Technical Director of the company. As such, Juan takes care of the technical elements of running the company, from overseeing the computer programming on projects to developing technical business solutions. Juan is also a published researcher in the realm of Artificial Intelligence out of the ITU of Copenhagen's Center for Computer Games Research.