Expeditions: Viking Available Now!

Expeditions: Viking – Historical RPG by Logic Artists Releases today! Danish indie studio Logic Artists are announcing that Expeditions: Viking, the highly anticipated sequel to Expeditions: Conquistador (2013), will be available online and in stores today. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 27th, Copenhagen, Denmark Logic Artists is pleased to confirm that their much anticipated title, […]



Danish Film Institute Spotlight

Logic Artists was honored earlier this year when the DFI selected us for funding in the production of Expeditions: Viking The Danish Film Institute published an interview with the Logic Artists’ team about making games in Copenhagen, the trials of development, and the values/benefits of public Expos like Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Follow the link […]



Expeditions: Viking at Gamescom 2016

Expeditions: Viking Developers Sail to Gamescom   Logic Artists brought Expeditions: Viking to Gamescom 2016 in more ways than one. It was the first time in our past 3 trips to Gamescom where we were on display in the public exhibition area as well as meeting up with folks in the business hall for busy business […]



Logic Artists partners with IMGN.PRO to produce BRUCE

IMGN.PRO and Logic Artists present Bruce! Hot off the presses from our partners at IMGN.PRO, we are pleased to unveil a new project – 2.5D platformer Bruce. Originally announced in 2012 by a Polish developer Tabasco Interactive as Bruce: The Game, it was suspended until further notice. IMGN.PRO has joined its forces with a Danish […]



DFI to Fund Expeditions: Viking

Logic Artists is very pleased to announce that we have been selected for support by the Danish Film Institute (DFI). Our upcoming historical RPG, Expeditions: Viking made the cut for this year’s winter cohort and we look forward to putting the funding to good use! You can read the announcement on DFI’s homepage here. This […]



Expeditions: Viking Newsletter Exclusives

In Logic Artists continuing efforts to keep fans informed about the latest developments in the Expeditions Series, we’ve begun publishing a newsletter which shares development details and exclusive content for subscribers (including a chance to win an invitation to the closed beta). The first of the monthly newsletters was published at the start of February, you […]



Logic Artists Creative Director speaking at GDC 2016

Logic Artists Creative Director Jonas Wæver is returning to GDC talks this year speaking at the Thinking and Writing in Different Languages GDC talks Session. The panel includes speakers from Crytek, Flaregames, 11 bit Studios, Fableware, Remedy and of course our very own Logic Artists. The Session will take place during the Game Narrative Summit at GDC 2016 in San Francisco […]



Capnova makes Successful exit from Conquistador

Logic Artists’ Expeditions: Conquistador has sold more than 200,000 units and successfully completed its financial commitments to key-investor Capnova who now add another successful exit to their portfolio.  Logic Artists and Capnova are very pleased to announce that turn-based RPG Expeditions: Conquistador has successfully returned on its investment and proven fruitful for both the developer […]



Publishing Partnership with IMGN.PRO Announced

Logic Artists is pleased to announce publishing partnership with IMGN.PRO – for upcoming historical RPG Expeditions: Viking. The partnership includes the physical distribution of the new Expeditions title as well as a promotional partnership, opening opportunities to bring Expeditions: Viking to audiences around the world. IMGN.PRO will be responsible for retail distribution across world markets […]



Clandestine Released!

It has been a glorious few years and we’ve finally arrived. Yesterday we released the full version of Clandestine on Steam.   Clandestine is a 2-player or singleplayer stealth/hacking game set in 1996. Asymmetrical co-op allows one player to take the role of the spy while a friend provides overwatch and assistance as the hacker, […]



DR Frit Spil 2015

DR Frit Spil 2015 We were pleased to be invited to participate at the first ever DR Frit Spil, a free gaming event hosted by Danish Radio at DR Koncerthuset.  There was an epic Cosplay competition, and the famously popular Jakob Stegelmann of classic Danish video game TV show Troldspejlet broadcast an episode live from the […]



A New office for a Growing Team

Over the past few years we have been happily assembling a glorious team, and it came time to up and move offices.



News from PAX Prime 2015

News from PAX Prime 2015   PAX Prime is like Valhalla for the modern Viking, if you’re a Viking that likes games that is. Located in the city of Seattle over four days, the 2015 event featured Uber rides by Roadwarriors a la Mad Max, warm weather, and enough varieties of beer to make even the most […]



News from Gamescom 2015

News from Gamescom 2015 We love going to Gamescom! It is the biggest gaming event in Europe and we go every year to meet with Media folks and show them what we’ve got planned for the coming year. And 2015 was no exception! This year we brought Expeditions: Viking to Gamescom and were treated to a […]



Evolve PR partner with Logic Artists internationally

“We are excited as a bunch of drunken Norsemen to work with Logic Artists on Expeditions: Viking. Expeditions: Conquistador was a top-notch game that, unfortunately, flew under the radar. Everything we’ve seen so far suggests that Viking is going to be even better, and we want to make sure that everyone hears about it. If we have to start screaming at people in the streets, we’ll do it.” -Tom Ohle of Evolove PR



Nordic Game Conference 2015

Nordic Game Conference 2015 We attended the Nordic Game Conference this year with big reveal, our first playable of Expeditions: Viking! This first build was made using Unity 4.6 but we are very excited for the new features of Unity 5 and plan on presenting new features of Expeditions: Viking and Unity 5 at Gamescom […]



PR Nordic to Partner with Logic Artists for Nordic Region

Logic Artists will partner with Scandinavian expert firm PR Nordic to bring Expeditions: Viking to audiences across Scandinavia.

“Expeditions: Conquistador was a great and well received game. By listening to fans and feedback Logic Artists have improved immensely on the formula with Expeditions: Viking.”

-Peter Jakobsen, PR Nordic



Expeditions: Viking Announced!

Expeditions: Viking Announced – Sequel to Historical RPG Expeditions: Conquistador                                 First Details Revealed Copenhagen, Denmark — May, 2015 — Danish indie developer Logic Artists today announced they have begun development on the second installment in their Historical RPG Expeditions series, […]



Employee Spotlight Part V

Logic Artists is pleased to present, Employee Spotlight number five! In this spotlight, we pick the brain of Meletis Stathis, one of our resident Software Engineers. In this spotlight, we discuss Meletis’ journey into software programming, problem solving, and games..



Employee Spotlight Part IV

Our fourth Employee Spotlight features the extremely talented Musician and Composer, Leonardo Badinella. Leo’s contribution to Expeditions: Conquistador was a breathtaking instrumental soundtrack so rich in quality that it garnered its own attention. We are so pleased to have him continue his work with us on our latest project, the upcoming spy-thriller Clandestine.



GDC Press Release

Logic Artists will be attending GDC and Game Connection March 17-21, 2014! We are very eager to connect with you there. We’ve got lots to talk about regarding current and future projects and we look forward to sharing some new video footage from our upcoming spy-thriller: CLANDESTINE.

Game Connection America will take place from the 17th to 19th, and we will be there to talk about new business opportunities and potential collaborations. If you are interested in meeting up at Game Connection please contact us through the GC Meeting App.

If you are available during the GDC Expo from the 19th to 21st, and would like to meet up with us, send an email to info@logicartists.com or connect with us on Twitter: @LogicArtists


Jonas Waever to speak at GDC

Logic Artists is pleased to announce our participation in the 2014 GDC lecture series. We’ll be teaming up this year with the Language Production Manager of Pink Noise, Belen Agullo Garcia. The title of the lecture is “Indie Games Localization: Is It Worth It?”. Using notoriously verbose Expeditions: Conquistador as a case study, our Creative Director Jonas Waever will discuss what to take into account as an indie developer when deciding on how to localize a game. We hope that sharing this information with others will help future dev teams and localization firms get the most out of localization when on a budget. We hope to see you there!

GDC Schedule >


Employee Spotlight Part III

This month it’s time for our third installment in the Logic Artists Employee Spotlight. If you haven’t read these before, the Employee Spotlight gives our staff the opportunity to come out and talk about what they do in the studio, not to mention show off some of their work. This month we are getting to know our Lead Animator, Lasse Rasmussen.



Kickstarter Physical Rewards

It is finally done! We have sent out all of the physical rewards and we’re sad to say that this Kickstarted adventure now comes to a close. To all of you out there, our backers, fans, supporters and customers – from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you further to those of you who have graced us with your messages and mails your praise, thanks, and constructive criticisms.



Clandestine Announced For PC

Utilize Field Agent and Hacker capabilities to gather intelligence and solve the post-cold war spy conspiracy.

Danish independent studio Logic Artists emerged from the shadows today to reveal “Clandestine”, a globetrotting spy thriller set in the mid-1990’s. From the creators of popular turn based strategy game Expeditions: Conquistador, Clandestine offers stealth and spy game enthusiasts asymmetrical cooperative play mechanics within a deep dark story-driven spy fantasy that will debut on PC in 2014.



Employee Spotlight Part II

Here we are again with our Logic Artists Employee Spotlight, where we feature members of our team, to give you the readers a look at what goes on here in the studio. Our second instalment of the Employee Spotlight Series features our very own Renaissance Man and Game Designer Daniel Eskildsen.



Game Connection Europe

We’re very excited to announce that we will be attending the 2013 Game Connection in Paris from December 3-5. Come by our table and say hello! Get in touch with us on twitter: @LogicArtists



Employee Spotlight Part I

Here at Logic Artists we have been fortunate to bring together a number of young and talented people to make games and we feel that they deserve their own kudos for what they have done and are doing here at the studio. Over the next few months we will be publishing a series of Employee Spotlights, to showcase our team and give our readers and fans some insight into how we go about making games here at Logic Artists. We are pleased to begin this spotlight series with Søren Gravesen, our resident CG Artist.