Evolve PR partner with Logic Artists

Logic Artists has enlisted the talents of Evolve PR to bring their newest project Expeditions: Viking to audiences internationally.  We are excited to have Evolve in our growing team of partners worldwide!

When asked about the news, Tom Ohle of Evolove PR had this to say,

“We are excited as a bunch of drunken Norsemen to work with Logic Artists on Expeditions: Viking. Expeditions: Conquistador was a top-notch game that, unfortunately, flew under the radar. Everything we’ve seen so far suggests that Viking is going to be even better, and we want to make sure that everyone hears about it. If we have to start screaming at people in the streets, we’ll do it.”


In partnering with Evolve PR, we’ve got a fantastic team of experienced PR and Marketing folk to help us get Expeditions: Viking out there and in front of our fans both old and new and we are as excited as they are for everyone to hear about it!

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