Kickstarter Physical Rewards

It is finally done! We have sent out all of the physical rewards and we’re sad to say that this Kickstarted adventure now comes to a close. To all of you out there, our backers, fans, supporters and customers – from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you further to those of you who have graced us with your messages and mails of your praise, thanks, and constructive criticisms.

We are ever indebted to you and will strive to make our gaming experiences worthy of the faith you have put in our team. We promise that there is a lot of exciting stuff coming up in the pipeline for both our current project CLANDESTINE and our return to Expeditions, but for now we would like to leave you with some glamour pictures of the physical rewards we put together for the Expeditions: Conquistador backers. Enjoy!

We packaged the 100+ physical rewards in your very own cardboard treasure chest. Below, to the left, is the cover of the Collector’s Edition Box Set, less than 100 of these were made. The the right, we’ve unpacked the poster, which is the first thing you’d find in the collector’s edition.

Left: Expeditions: Conquistador Collector’s Edition Game Box Cover. Center left: Collector’s Edition T-Shirt, with Esteban on the front. Center right: Leather bound Adventurer’s Diary detailing the back-story for one of the quests. Right: The Art Book, filled to the brim with in-game art.

Right: The Expeditions: Conquistador Collector’s Edition Game Box includes 1 Game DVD, 1 Behind-the-Scenes video DVD, 1 Game Soundtrack CD by Leonardo Badinella. Below: Leather map of Mexico.

Left: The flag of the Royal Spanish Armada. Below: Scatter shot of some of the Collector’s Edition Box set goodies.

Our thank you letter to the physical rewards backers. Thanks again!