News from Gamescom 2015

We love going to Gamescom! It is the biggest gaming event in Europe and we go every year to meet with Media folks and show them what we’ve got planned for the coming year. And 2015 was no exception! This year we brought Expeditions: Viking to Gamescom and were treated to a packed schedule of meetings showing off the new camping system and the rudiments of combat.



New Features of Viking

One of the big reveals was our “Kill Cam”, a battlefield level camera that bring players down into the action when in combat.  We’re working on different ways to immerse the players into the game world, and bringing the camera down to the characters lets us show off the real beauty of our landscapes.  We’ve also ported the game over to the new Unity 5 and we’re excited to log some more hours with the new systems to really make the game shine.


We had loads of great meetings and interviews with the Media at Gamescom 2015 here are just a few videos: