News from PAX Prime 2015


PAX Prime is like Valhalla for the modern Viking, if you’re a Viking that likes games that is. Located in the city of Seattle over four days, the 2015 event featured Uber rides by Roadwarriors a la Mad Max, warm weather, and enough varieties of beer to make even the most hearty of Vikings blush!

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If your character dies in a game you want to close your eyes and wake up at PAX Prime. It’s heavily relaxed, the crowds are polite, and the swag is epic (read about Pinny Arcade here). We were there on a recon mission– to figure out if it’s the kind of place we’d like to go in the future to show our games. Short answer: it is!!

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Trying to find Media folk to show off your game? Sit down with your laptop and start playing! Some folks from Blast Magazine actually stopped by us mid-meeting to ask about the beautiful images that called out to them from our laptop screen across the room! We met other lovely peoples in lines for games, we met them in the Hotel lobbies.


















PAX Prime was a beautiful and well organized event, the staff and volunteers were terrific, and we would love to come back in full force with a booth and all!